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The Official Shakespeare

'Alas, Poor Yorick' Pre-Shrunk Unisex T-Shirt 100% Cotton

'Alas, Poor Yorick' Pre-Shrunk Unisex T-Shirt 100% Cotton

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Hark, discerning souls who seek attire divine, lay thine eyes upon 'Alas, Poor Yorick' Pre-Shrunk Unisex T-Shirt, woven of 100% combed and ring-spun cotton, a fabric most cherished. This garment, a dream fulfilled and more, is gentle as a misty morning's breath and as light as a whisper, much like the skull of Yorick, that jester who once graced the royal court of Hamlet. Comfortable and becoming, it bestows its grace upon all who don its mantle.

• Fashioned from pure combed and ring-spun cotton, as noble as the Bard's quill
• With a weight of 4.2 ounces per square yard (142 grams per square meter), it cradles thy form with the gentle touch of an actor on the grand stage
• Pre-shrunk, it resists the relentless march of time's laundering, much like Yorick's memory, which lives on through the ages
• Side-seamed in its crafting, a testament to the maker's skill and care
• Its shoulders, united like the players upon the stage, stand firm in unity, echoing Hamlet's quest to uncover the truth of Yorick's fate

Clothe yourself in its gentle embrace, and let the spirit of the Bard himself, along with the memory of Yorick, find a home within your very attire. In this shirt, discover a comfort that speaks of quality, and let your raiment be a reflection of your own appreciation for the dramatic arts, much like the wordsmith himself, and the eternal contemplation of Yorick's grinning skull.

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