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'Are You Sure That We Are Awake' Fade-Resistant Canvas Print Artwork 16x16"

'Are You Sure That We Are Awake' Fade-Resistant Canvas Print Artwork 16x16"

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Hark, those who seek to adorn their chamber or office with a touch of splendor, set thine eyes upon 'Are You Sure That We Are Awake,' a Fade-Resistant Canvas Print, in dimensions of sixteen by sixteen inches, akin to a painted tapestry of old. This canvas, with its vivid and unfading artwork, shall ensnare thy heart with its charm.

• Fashioned from an acid-free, PH-neutral, poly-cotton foundation, it doth endure the trials of time
• With a thickness of 20.5 mils (half a single millimeter), this canvas blend is both sturdy and luxurious
• Its fabric, with a weight of 13.9 ounces per square yard (470 grams per square meter), doth speak of quality and grace
• Unyielding to the fading touch of the sun, it resists the passage of time
• Hand-stretched upon solid wood stretcher bars, like the mastery of a skilled artisan
• Enrobed in a matte finish coating, it doth shine without the glare of excess
• With a depth of 1.5 inches (3.81 centimeters), it proclaims its presence in the room
• Mounting brackets are included, ready to lift it high upon the wall

This artwork of vivid allure stands ready to grace thy dwelling or place of labor. Allow this canvas to infuse thy space with an enchantment that defies time, evoking a sense of dreamlike wonder. In its presence, discover a lasting love for the arts, and bid farewell to the fading of beauty.

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