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The Official Shakespeare

'As Good Luck Would Have It' Glossy Waterproof Cork-Back Coaster

'As Good Luck Would Have It' Glossy Waterproof Cork-Back Coaster

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Behold, noble imbibers and friends, a companion for your cherished chalice. Impervious to the fervor of heat, it hath been crafted to endure the passage of time, with the King of Hearts gracing it as a symbol of good fortune. Consider it as a personal acquisition or a delightful offering for those you hold dear.

• Fashioned from Hardboard MDF, a material both sturdy and substantial, it lends a reassuring thickness of 0.12 inches (3 mm), much like the pages of a well-worn tome.
• Embraced by a veneer of Cork, delicate as a love letter's seal, with a graceful slimness of 0.04 inches (1 mm), it provides a tender and absorbent cradle for your drinkware.
• Adorned with a high-gloss coating, as polished as a monarch's crown, it confers an elegant luster to its visage, akin to the riches and good fortune attributed to the King of Hearts.
• Measuring a modest 3.74 inches in width and length, with a depth of 0.16 inches (95 × 95 × 4 mm), its corners are rounded, akin to the verses of a gentle sonnet.
• Endowed with the qualities of water-repellence, heat-resistance, and a non-slip nature, it embodies practicality while preserving its charm.
• In the realm of maintenance, it is easily cleansed, an attribute much sought after.

The 'As Good Luck Would Have It' Glossy Waterproof Cork-Back Coaster stands as a guardian of your furnishings, a symbol of good fortune and regality, and a token of thoughtful regard. Obtain it for your own hearth or gift it to those whose company you cherish, for it is an emblem of utility, grace, and the hope of prosperity, much like the sweetest verses of Shakespeare himself.
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