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'Bardolater' Glossy Ceramic Mug

'Bardolater' Glossy Ceramic Mug

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Behold the 'Bardolater' Glossy Ceramic Mug, a vessel for thy cabinet most essential. Robust and sleek, this befitting chalice stands ready to cradle the morning's java or the afternoon's tea, a boon to your daily ritual.

• Wrought from ceramic, this vessel bears the noble mark of quality.
• An 11-ounce cup it is, its stature measuring 3.85 inches in height and 3.35 inches in diameter.
• A sheen of glossy finish, akin to polished armor, graces its form.
• Beware, for it shirks the touch of the dishwasher's mechanical hands and the fiery maw of the microwave; 'tis reserved for a gentle hand-wash, lest its integrity be beset.

The 'Bardolater' Glossy Ceramic Mug, a loyal companion for your daily elixirs, awaits your esteemed patronage. In this cup, find both sturdiness and sophistication, to accompany your morning vigils and afternoon repose.

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