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'Hell Is Empty' Fanny Pack Water-Resistant Inside Pocket

'Hell Is Empty' Fanny Pack Water-Resistant Inside Pocket

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Behold the quintessential companion for those afoot and busy. This waist pouch possesses all, tailored in the right measure, a diminutive pocket concealed within, and bands adjustable, a true paragon of fashion and function, whether your path leads to a revelry, a voyage, or simply the joy of unburdened hands.

• Of 100% polyester, this textile does exclaim,
• Weighted at 9.56 ounces per yard, give or take in the game,
• Its dimensions, fair and fitting, shall not your steps restrain,
• Six and a half by thirteen, and in diameter, two and three quarters, the maker's aim,
• Water-resistant, a guardian against tempestuous rain,
• With a double slider zipper, a secure hold on its domain,
• A pocket small within, a canvas for your art's campaign,
• Lined with silk, its hems with piping lain,
• The straps, an inch and a quarter wide, of plastic and regulation plain.

This 'Hell Is Empty' Fanny Pack, a vessel for your essentials, crafted in resilience and form, beckons as the paramount accoutrement for your sojourns. Add it to your ensemble, and whether to a revel, voyage, or the common foray, your hands shall revel in newfound liberty.

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