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The Official Shakespeare

'Good Night, Good Night!' Water-Resistant Fanny Pack Inside Pocket

'Good Night, Good Night!' Water-Resistant Fanny Pack Inside Pocket

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A fanny pack, the quintessential companion for the swiftly moving souls of this world. And in this waist bag, dost it possess all that's required - the right proportion, a discreet pocket within, and bands of flexibility, to make it the jewel of your wardrobe, be it for a revelry, a sojourn, or simply to free thy hands.

• Fashioned from 100% polyester, a noble fabric of fine grace,
• Weighing 9.56 ounces per yard, a weight that time may not erase,
• Dimensions, both fitting and proper, mark its space,
• Six and a half inches in height, thirteen in width, and diameter seven, a calculated pace,
• Crafted in material resistant to water's embrace,
• A top zipper, graced by two sliders, for ease and no haste,
• An inner pocket small, awaiting thy artistic trace,
• With silken lining, and hems piped, a detail in good taste,
• The bands, an inch and a quarter wide, with plastic regulators, a feature to embrace.

This 'Good Night, Good Night!' Water-Resistant Fanny Pack, a testament to both function and fashion, doth await thee. Make it thine and wander the world, be it for festival or furlough, with hands unburdened, knowing that within thy trusty companion resides the essence of Shakespearean verse.

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