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The Official Shakespeare

'Love All, Trust A Few' Super Soft Unisex Hoodie

'Love All, Trust A Few' Super Soft Unisex Hoodie

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Hark, an attire that doth carry not only the promise of softness but the wisdom of a profound creed. This hoodie, gentle as a whispered vow, shall be your companion through the tapestry of life, offering both comfort and a timeless message to ponder as you traverse the streets.

• Fashioned with a 100% cotton face, as pure as the intentions of the heart, it wraps you in a softness reminiscent of love's tender embrace.
• Blended with 65% ring-spun cotton and 35% polyester, much like the blend of trust and reason, it promises both comfort and durability.
• Adorned with a front pouch pocket, as reliable as a trusted confidant, it keeps your hands warm and your keepsakes close.
• Equipped with matching flat drawstrings, as harmonious as a well-versed sonnet, they tie your hood with elegance.
• Featuring a 3-panel hood, as steadfast as the bastion of a noble fortress, it shelters you from the cold winds of the world.

'Love All, Trust A Few' Super Soft Unisex Hoodie, a garment that encourages you to embrace love, exercise caution in trust, and do no harm to others, awaits your choice. Enrobe yourself in its warmth and step forth into life, pondering its timeless message, for in it lies a code of conduct as profound and enduring as the works of the Bard himself.

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