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'Pot Of Ale' Waterproof Glossy Cork-Back Coaster

'Pot Of Ale' Waterproof Glossy Cork-Back Coaster

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Behold, discerning hosts and hostesses, allow me to present the 'Pot Of Ale' Waterproof Glossy Cork-Back Coaster, a humble but steadfast defender of thy cherished tables and nightstands. As thou dost raise thy tankard of ale, so shall this coaster shield thy furniture from the bane of stains and the tyranny of moisture.

• Crafted from hardboard MDF, a stout 0.12 inches thick, it boasts durability worthy of a noble knight's shield.
• Crowned with a glossy coating, it reflects the light in the manner of moonbeams upon a tranquil brook, ensuring both elegance and utility.
• This coaster, measuring 3.74 inches square, is adorned with rounded corners, both a measure of safety and style.
• Fear not the spills, for it repels water and defies the heat of thy steaming mugs, serving as a trusty guardian.

Choose this fine 'Pot Of Ale' coaster, an epitome of functionality and grace, a worthy gift for friends and family, or keep it for thyself to bestow a touch of luxury upon thy gatherings. Each price displayed is for a single item, for even in the simplest of things, there lies great beauty.
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