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'The Earth Has Music' Glossy Ceramic Mug

'The Earth Has Music' Glossy Ceramic Mug

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Hark, ye who doth seek a vessel for thine elixir, behold 'The Earth Has Music' Glossy Ceramic Mug, a requisite for thine cupboard. Stalwart and elegant, this mug awaits to cradle thy morning ambrosia or the afternoon nectar of the gods.

• Wrought from the finest ceramic, it bears the mark of quality
• An 11-ounce vessel, standing at a height of 3.85 inches, with a diameter of 3.35 inches, ready to accommodate thy libations
• Shines with a glossy finish, resplendent as the sun's first light
• Alas, 'tis a vessel that shuns the dishwasher's touch and the microwave's warmth, deserving of naught but gentle hand-washing

'The Earth Has Music' Glossy Ceramic Mug, a steadfast companion for thy daily brew, doth await thee. Let it be the cup that doth bring comfort and delight to thy mornings and afternoons, a vessel of true elegance and utility.

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