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'The Lady Doth Protest Too Much' Baby One Piece 100% Cotton

'The Lady Doth Protest Too Much' Baby One Piece 100% Cotton

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Adorn your babe in the finest of cotton garb. A 100% ring-spun combed cotton masterpiece, this one-piece features a triumvirate of snap leg closures, facilitating seamless change. With a neckline enveloped in comfort and a print so lovely, the babe shall surely erupt with mirth and joy.

• Crafted from 100% ring-spun combed cotton, a fabric most fine,
• In heather shades, it boasts a blend, with polyester entwined,
• Weighted at 3.9 ounces per square yard, as light as a sigh,
• Side-seamed in construction, for a garment nigh,
• An envelope neckline, gentle and kind,
• Three snaps for the legs, a convenience you'll find,

An attire so soft and splendid, it shall wrap your little one in the finest embrace, and with this ensemble, your child shall be the very picture of delight. Purchase now and ensure your babe's happiness today!

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18-24m 10 7/8 30-32 27-30
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