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The Official Shakespeare

'The Merchant Of Venice' Premium Travel Poster 12x18"

'The Merchant Of Venice' Premium Travel Poster 12x18"

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Lend me thine ear, good patrons, for 'tis 'The Merchant Of Venice' that adorneth this Premium Travel Poster, a sight to feast thine eyes upon. A 12x18-inch treasure, it boasts a visage, partly glossy and partly matte, that shall grace any chamber with sophistication rare.

• Its substance, a stout 10 mil, a mere whisper of thickness, yet firm in its stance.
• A finish, slightly glossy, as the moon's gentle glow, and it repels the touch of fingerprints, keeping its comely visage pristine.

Bring forth this masterpiece to thine abode, a token of The Bard's timeless tale, and add a touch of elegance to the very air thou dost breathe.
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