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The Official Shakespeare

'The Official Shakespeare' Waterproof Glossy Cork-Back Coaster

'The Official Shakespeare' Waterproof Glossy Cork-Back Coaster

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Attend, dear patrons, and behold, a trusty sentinel for thy cherished tables and nightstands. As thou dost partake in thine elixir, this coaster shall stand as a loyal guardian, warding off the menace of stains and the capricious whims of moisture.

• Crafted from hardboard MDF, a resolute 0.12 inches in thickness, it bears the mark of enduring strength.
• Adorned with a glossy finish, it gleams like a glistening jewel in the crown, an emblem of both utility and elegance.
• This coaster, measuring 3.74 inches square, displays rounded corners, a testament to both safety and style.
• Fret not the deluge, for it shuns the touch of water and braves the fiery temper of heated mugs, serving as a trusty guardian.

'The Official Shakespeare' coaster, bedecked with the distinguished Official Shakespeare emblem, is an exemplar of both utility and elegance. A noble present for friends and family, or choose to keep it for thine own, adding a touch of regal splendor to your gatherings, and showcasing the image of the Bard himself. The price displayed applies to a solitary item, for even in the most unassuming of objects, beauty doth find its abode.

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