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The Official Shakespeare

'The Tempest' Museum-Quality Poster Thick Matte 12x18"

'The Tempest' Museum-Quality Poster Thick Matte 12x18"

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Take heed of 'The Tempest,' a Museum-Quality Poster, a size of twelve by eighteen inches, crafted upon thick matte paper, reminiscent of the finest tapestries of the grand gallery.

• The paper, a thickness of 10.3 mils, offers a substantial presence, worthy of an artist's vision
• It boasts a weight of 189 grams per square meter, akin to the sumptuousness of a royal scroll
• Its opacity stands at 94%, concealing secrets and revealing wonders like the veil of a mysterious courtier
• With an ISO brightness of 104%, it shines like the radiant smile of the muse herself

Bring this poster to your domain, and let it weave an enchantment that transforms the space into a realm of wonder. In its presence, discover an atmosphere that is not just bright, but a luminescent realm that stirs the soul.

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