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'This Castle Hath A Pleasant Seat' Fade-Resistant Canvas Print Artwork 16x16"

'This Castle Hath A Pleasant Seat' Fade-Resistant Canvas Print Artwork 16x16"

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Pray, a work of art divine, a portal to enchantment, in the grand dimensions of 16x16 inches. Let it grace thy chamber or thy office with a flair beyond compare, and with this description, thou shalt see its wondrous attributes laid bare:

• Its foundation, of acid-free, PH-neutral, poly-cotton, ensures a canvas of the highest pedigree
• A thick 20.5 mil poly-cotton blend, strong as the castle walls, provides the very substance for the artwork's form
• The fabric weight, a substantial 13.9 oz per square yard, speaks of quality that shall stand the test of time
• Fear not the passage of time, for this canvas bears the mark of 'Fade-Resistant,' safeguarding the vivid hues and details that charm the eye
• With care, it is hand-stretched over solid wood stretcher bars, a work of art worthy of a king's keep
• Its finish is matte, a subtle elegance that befits any noble hall
• Its depth is 1.5 inches, a realm of visual depth to captivate the beholder
• For thy ease, mounting brackets are included, to raise this canvas to its rightful place upon the wall

This Castle Hath A Pleasant Seat,' is an enchanting masterpiece that elevates your realm with an air of majesty, to proclaim, "In art's presence, one's spirit finds solace and delight."

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