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'Though She Is Little' Baby One Piece 100% Cotton

'Though She Is Little' Baby One Piece 100% Cotton

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Enrobe thy babe in the finest raiment of 100% ring-spun combed cotton, a fabric of noble lineage, ensuring comfort and grace. With three snap leg closures, changing her becomes a task of mere simplicity, as this garment, akin to an embrace, hosts an envelope neckline. Adorned with a print of captivating beauty, 'tis bound to summon forth the sweetest laughter and mirth from the babe.

• Of 100% ring-spun combed cotton, a fabric rich and soft,
• Weighing 3.9 ounces for each yard, like a delicate whisper aloft,
• With seams side-seamed in noble construction, so well,
• An envelope neckline, cradling as a mother's gentle spell,
• And thrice shall the leg close with snaps, as easily as a verse to tell.

Let this attire, though small in stature, befit the babe with regal delight. 'Though she is little,' she shall shine in attire that's nothing short of divine. Procure this treasure for thy beloved babe, and witness the joy it shall surely bring, for in every stitch, a world of love and care.

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18-24m 10 7/8 30-32 27-30
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