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The Official Shakespeare

'To Be Or Not To Be' Glossy Ceramic Mug

'To Be Or Not To Be' Glossy Ceramic Mug

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This cupboard's treasure, robust and polished, is a splendid companion for your matutinal brew or vesper's infusion.

• Crafted from ceramic, a vessel of enduring grace,
• The 11oz mug, dimensions: height of 3.85" (9.8 cm), a diameter of 3.35" (8.5 cm),
• Gleaming with a glossy finish, a visage to embrace,
• NOT amicable to the dishwasher's care, nor the microwave's warming grace,
• Hand-wash only, a dictate to ensure its prolonged place.

This 'To Be Or Not To Be' Ceramic Chalice, resplendent and firm, stands ready to cradle your chosen elixir, morning or eve. Procure it and let each sip be a tribute to the grand contemplation of existence, as pondered by the quill of Shakespeare.

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