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'Warwickshire 1564' Trucker Hat Mesh Back

'Warwickshire 1564' Trucker Hat Mesh Back

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Behold! I present to thee a cap of six panels with a mesh back, the choice most comfortable and classic for a day beneath the sun's radiant gaze.

• Woven from a blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, it melds softness and resilience in harmonious fashion
• In a mid-profile cap, it boasts a low-profile embroidery area, a canvas for artistry most fine
• Structured in its design, this cap of six panels stands resolute like a castle's battlement
• A crown, 3.5 inches high (8.9 centimeters), adorns the wearer with a regal visage
• Hard buckram front panels offer a sturdiness that would challenge even the strongest gales
• With a mesh back, it invites the cooling breath of the wind
• The Permacurv® visor, with matching undervisor, casts shade like the finest of arbors
• An adjustable closure of plastic ensures a fit most befitting
• With a head circumference spanning 21⅝ to 23⅝ inches (54.9 to 60 centimeters), it accommodates nobles of diverse cranial dimensions

The 'Warwickshire 1564' Trucker Hat, a choice of comfort and style, awaits your favor. Don it, and step forth into the sun's embrace, for this cap shall shield thee with both grace and durability, much like the words of the Bard himself.

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